Chordify presents Yujaa.

Get connected to your data for making insightful decisions using the break-through application, Yujaa from BizViz.

What is Yujaa?

Yujaa in Sanskrit means ‘That which Connects’. Yujaa internally uses a set of Business Intelligence tools that gives 360° view of data. Yujaa provides various industry, role-based solutions that are affordable plus accessible by any user across the globe. Yujaa-Mo is a seamless mobile app moving the analytical experience for users from fingertips to Voice Command.

Choose the best place for your business by instantly comparing your Sales data with different E-Commerce Companies.

How can Yujaa Help you?

Get appealing Ad-Hoc reports on mobile or through the web. Stay informed all the time by availing analytics at the tip of your fingers.

Empower every user to take right decisions. Trust the power of our business intelligence platform to govern your enterprise data and guide you through it. Be a data analyst and predict future of your business.

Be a Yujaa partner and access our App Store to introduce your analytics. Use Yujaa as a launchpad for your domain-specific connectors.

Innovate your solutions to target various business spheres with Yujaa. Deliver complete view multi-facade Focus on the key points. Yujaa helps you focus on the key points of your business domain by visualizing your business data from the different perspectives.
Coin, Cube and Graph — Business Story in Sunnyvale, CA

Get Connected to Diverse Data Sources

As it is said that real beauty and strength lies in diversity, Yujaa beautifully brings in data sources of diverse nature on one powerful platform adding more choices for its users. Excel Spreadsheets, On-Premise sources, Big Data, or Cloud Services: it does not matter what type of data you want and where it lies; if it is essential for your business analytics, Yujaa assures that you get connected to it.
Data hosting — Single Platform in Sunnyvale, CA

Instantaneously Create Stunning Visual Analytics

Instantly get connected to the required API connectors to see your data in prebuilt reports. Merge various integrated data sources to create splendid Visual Reports and Business Dashboards from the combined data.
Yujaa on Mobile
Experience Yujaa-Mo and dive into your data analytics while on the go. Drive towards dynamic visuals while diving on the actionable insights, all this at a touch of your fingertips. Get Yujaa-Mo for iOS and Android to begin your data exploration journey.

Customer's Testimonials

“The CFO looked at it and was impressed. He would like to have a phone conversation with all of us to talk about more dashboards and get your thoughts on how things have worked up to this point and how to proceed from here.”
- IT Head, US based Real Estate Company.