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01. Project Requirement Document

A PRD communicates what is being built. It states why the product is being built and the exact scope- the features and functionality of the product. The why of the product defines the reason why the company is building it as well as why a customer would like to own or use this product. It will also convey what you are not building. A PRD is a working document, where changes, if any, are recorded. The PRD is deemed complete only when the product is built.

(Courtesy of Product School, San Francisco CA)

In some cases, clients are stretched for time to document their ideas and our solutions architect will spend time with the client in understanding the product and recording their understanding in the PRD format. The same will be reviewed by the client, changes made were needed. The PRD once signed off by the client signifies the commencement of the design stage.

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02. Product Architecture

Our software architects identify the most suited architectural pattern based on the requirement analysis. Client-server, Model-View-Controller, Master-Slave, Broker or other common architectural patterns.

  • Layered Pattern

    This is a popular pattern used for General Desktop and E-commerce Web Applications. The applications are divided into:

    1. Presentation layer (or UI layer)
    2. Application layer (service layer)
    3. Business logic layer (domain layer)
    4. Data Access Layer (persistence layer)
  • Client-server pattern

    Used by email, document sharing, banking, healthcare, and such type of applications. Multiple client components request services from the server using the TCP/IP protocol.

  • Master-slave pattern

    Common use case includes database replication, peripherals connected to a bus and others. The master distributes the work to identical saves and compiles the final result from slaves.

  • Pipe-filter pattern

    Used in lexical, semantic analysis, bioinformatics, and other areas. This is used to process a stream of data progressively with the filters doing the processing.

    Pipe filter pattern
  • Broker pattern

    Very popular to decouple distributed systems. Broker coordinates the services available and requested services by the clients. RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka are popular implementations, and many messaging, and healthcare applications use this pattern.

  • Peer-to-peer pattern

    Blockchain, file-sharing networks leverage this pattern wherein the individual components are referred to as Peers. The Peer may act as Client or Server or both and change its role dynamically.

  • Event-bus pattern

    Notification services take advantage of this pattern. This deals with events and has the following components Source, Channel, Bus, and Listener.

    event bus pattern
  • Model-view-controller pattern

    A popular web application architecture used in Rails framework to break up interactive applications. The components include Model (functionality & data), View (display information to user) and controller (handles the input).

    event bus pattern
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03. Product Engineering Services

Our team uses an agile and iterative approach to software development to deliver robust, scalable products with a faster time to market. We follow a lean process with several iterations and daily progress monitoring carried out by empowered team members. This helps in enhancing the quality of deliverables and also adhering to timelines. Our team has in-depth Web Application & Mobile Application development expertise.

  • High quality of deliverables.

    In Agile development, testing is integrated during the cycle, thereby ensuring regular checks on the quality of application during development.

  • Increased project control

    Risk is monitored on a daily basis and therefore well managed

  • Reduced risks

    In Agile development, testing is integrated during the cycle, thereby ensuring regular checks on the quality of application during development.

  • Faster ROI

    Customers prefer rolling out a minimum viable product (MVP) first and then scaling up to larger models. Agile process is aligned with that philosophy. The projects are executed in several sprints, each typically two weeks duration.

  • Transparency

    An Agile approach provides a unique opportunity for clients to be involved throughout the project, from prioritizing features to iteration planning and review sessions to frequent software build containing new features.

  • Innovation

    The iterative approach allows for constantly refining and reprioritizing the overall product backlog. New items can be planned for the next iteration, providing the opportunity to introduce changes in a short time.

    Pipe filter pattern
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04. Technical Debt Project Services

We can help engineering managers deal with technical debt, no matter how it came to be. For example, our Ruby on Rails experts helps clients migrate their applications to the latest version. We also have helped many clients dis-entangle and clean up the existing code base. We do this with a thorough application analysis using tools like NewRelic, leading to significant performance improvements. This has often led to a drastic reduction in the server and infrastructure costs too.

Leverage our team to spot & eliminate any Inadvertent and Reckless tech debt, no matter what category they fall in.

  • Architecture Debt
  • Build Debt
  • Code Debt
  • Defect Debt
  • Design Debt
  • Documentation Debt
  • Infrastructure Debt
  • People Debt
  • Process Debt
  • Requirement Debt
  • Service Debt
  • Test Automation Debt
  • Test Debt
Pipe filter pattern
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05. Minimum Viable Product

We have a full team of architects, UX/UI, front-end and back-end engineers as well as Cloud Engineers. This ensures we can own the journey from the planning stage like identifying the appropriate Tech Stack through code deployment in the cloud. As mentioned earlier we use an agile development process to deliver a useful product faster. This phase is driven by the product owners’ key MVP requirements while keeping the other needed features in the backlog. Some of the MVPs built by us are shown here.

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06. Talent Acquisition

To Read more about our Talent acquisition services and processes

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07. Professional Services

This is designed to help our clients requiring their product customization &integration for onboarding their B2B (Business to Business) customers. As our clients go to market they need to respond faster and deliver a good customer onboarding process. Our software development engineers provide the needed professional services working closely with client product development teams. This helps the core engineering team to focus on product development while our professional services team delivers the customizations &integrations needed. The specific services we have delivered vary based on the engagement.

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08. Offshore Development Center/ BoT (Build Operate Transfer)

We also work with later-stage and mature technology companies as they look for building an Offshore Development Center (ODC) with Build Operate Transfer (BOT) options for economies of scale. This is typically put in place for team sizes starting at 25+.

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