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Investor Readiness Service

Investor Readiness Service

Are you a founder looking to

  • Master the core skills that gets investors interested
  • Have more success at raising funds
  • Accelerate access into the US market

Here's how we can make your startup investor ready

Raising money is always more difficult than you think it should be. Investors are flooded with opportunities to invest in, which far exceeds the number of investments they are looking to make. It is your job to make a meaningful impression and thereby stand out in their mind. Investors invest in businesses, not ideas or even proofs of concept. In addition to covering all the basics of a startup’s potential in the marketplace, you must also demonstrate a solid grasp of growing a business through uncertain times. The startup that is best able to convince an investor of the potential value of their offering in the marketplace along with their ability to manage a business through the uncertainties of growth is the one most likely to raise money. Our comprehensive Investor Readiness Programs enables you to stand out, increase the number of investor meetings that lead to a higher potential to close a funding round.

Services we offer:

  • Investor readiness training and mastery
  • A pitch deck that gains traction with investors
  • Pitch practice with real investor feedback to further improve your pitch and pitch deck
  • A review, benchmark and sustainable growth strategy that will interest investors
  • US market entry
Investor Readiness Service

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Investor Readiness Services program is brought to you in collaboration with First Principles LLC and contributes to the growth of Fund and Accelerator portfolio companies in a variety of ways and at different stages in their growth. The focus is on benchmarking the operational state of early-stage companies, developing feasible growth plans, and raising the overall level of startups’ investor readiness.

First Principle’s LLC apply their substantial operational experience as fractional C-level resources with deep expertise in finance, corporate governance, technology and product development, marketing and sales, human resources, and overall business management. Our advisors include investors from the Angel and VC investment communities. Portfolio companies develop connections to select mentors, advisors and industry experts from Silicon Valley, thereby building out their Silicon Valley networks. After the program, companies can leverage this experience before on-boarding these resources themselves.

A key benefit of investor readiness services strategy and training as part of a Fund and Accelerator’s program is to shift the focus of companies from technology and products to understanding their end-to-end business strategies. Investors are focused fundamentally on return on investment and startups that do not keep this in the forefront will have difficulty gaining transactions with them. This includes all aspects of addressable market, the problem and size of the problem the company solves, customer definition and acquisition, the right time to enter the market, their suitability for investment, go-to-market and traction plans, financials, team qualifications, operational basics, and funding strategies. Founders must demonstrate at least a basic grasp if not mastery of the complexities of creating and running a new business in highly competitive markets.