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We help our clients embrace Data Driven Programs to achieve ongoing revenue growth and harness the power of data. We accomplish this journey through a combination of consulting, framework design, training and analytics capability development.
Our team has demonstrated experience in working with Fortune 1,000 global clients as well as small and medium businesses.
BizViz is a powerful BI platform that gives you actionable insights into your business. Data can be assembled from multiple structured and unstructured data sources. BizViz will provide analytics (Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive) on PCs, and mobile devices, in the cloud and on premise.
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Survey Insights

BizViz, a Chordify partner brings to you a powerful Survey platform to help you understand more from your survey data. It serves as an effective tool to collect, store and analyze survey data about customer service, product, employee feedback or any other aspect. Integration of Survey with BizViz Sentiment

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Bizviz Platform

BizViz is a customizable platform with in-built support for a wide variety of Analytics- Sentiment, Geospatial & Predictive - and rich visualization. This platform extends existing BI solutions by providing business users additional insights, based on its ability to handle structured and unstructured data



Data Driven Experimentation is being adopted by various organizations to make better decisions and achieve sustained revenue growth. We help companies achieve this by working on “Experimentation Programs” designed to:
  • Increase traffic
  • Improve customer experience
  • Enhance conversions
This approach, combined with the rapidly evolving Big Data space makes it especially challenging for enterprises to have the right team with the right expertise. Our experts can help you initiate & scale your program initiatives.

Some examples:

One of the largest US retailer

Our client is a mature user of“Data Driven Experimentation” with over 200+ projects. They have successfully realized a 2% revenue lift from these initiatives.
As part of a larger enterprise wide initiative, they have engaged us to develop a Strategic Experimentation Program & achieve a 5X incremental revenue lift in a three-year time frame.
Our scope includes a number of aspects including framework design, training and omni channel impact analysis capability development.

Leading online retailer

Our client a global leader was evaluating ways to increase revenues.
We helped design & implement an “Experimentation Program” which identified customer segments & ways to personalize their online experience. This resulted in a revenue lift of 2.5%.




Extending BI with powerful Analytics & Visualization

BizViz, a Chordify partner brings to you a customizable platform with in built support for a wide variety of Sentiment Analysis, Geospatial Analysis & Predictive Analytics and rich visualization. The BizViz platform extends your existing BI solutions by providing business users additional insights based on its ability to handle structured and unstructured data sources. It also enables business users to interact with Real Time data using the portals, from their desktops or from their mobile devices. BizViz's platform is geared to give you flexibility – Leverage the rich out of the box feature set and additional customizations are feasible to meet your organization's unique needs.


  • Any RDBMS
  • Hive
  • SAP
  • SalesForce
  • XML
  • MS Excel
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media


The power of BizViz lies in its ability to provide a single platform to do multiple analysis and discover rich business insights.
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Sentiment Analysis

The BizViz Natural Language Processing (NLP) library & Big Data Algorithms processes text from various sources to extract “Sentiments”. The Sentiment Analysis module has multiple features to:
  • Understand the “Sentiment” towards your brand or product.
  • Identify Topics as they emerge on social media.
  • Track trends over time & geography.
  • Spot Affinities.
  • Monitor the competition.
Listen to Social media, User Reviews, emails etc
Map — Geospatial Analysis in Sunnyvale, CA

Geospatial Analysis

Leverage the BizViz platform Geospatial Capabilities to analyze your geographical data and gain insights.
  • Rules can be defined by users based on business requirements.
  • Map coordinates are obtained from CSV files or query services.
  • Map settings can be done including map type and zoom.
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Predictive Analytics

BizViz provides a tight integration with R, the popular statistical modelling language used for Predictive Analytics. It provides a simple user interface for R – algorithms where user can manipulate necessary parameters that are required to get the results for further analysis. BizViz removes the dependencies of users to learn R – Scripting, they just need to know the algorithms. Some of the algorithms supported are:
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Visualize & Share

BizViz allows you to create information-rich dashboards with ease, using Drag-and-Drop functionality. The BizViz designer is a HTML5 based designer and comes pre-loaded with a wide variety of charts and features such as Zoom-in, Zoom-out, Dynamic Visibility and Flexible Export Options.
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Big Data BizViz is a unique BI platform that was built to give users better knowledge and insight into their business. It enables users to assemble data from multiple structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources.
BizViz helps analysts provide Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive analytics in the cloud, on mobile devices, and on premise. The BizViz platform intersects SMAC (Social Media, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud). Users can build and interact with dynamic, information-rich dashboards from any device and will be able to enter real-time data from mobile devices.
BizViz is a single platform that has multiple components for use by people in various roles: Power users, Business users, BI developers, Application developers, Big Data engineers, and other IT professionals.
BizViz has various Big Data components that make it both unique and interesting. BizViz has a Sentimental Analysis module that works in real-time, with social media browsers that extract data from social media platforms. Integration with R Server and the R Predictive engine empower data scientists to create charts that provide actionable business insights.
BizViz's greatest strength is in its flexibility. Its OSGI framework and responsive design make it the choice platform that organizations prefer to deploy for their day-to-day use. BizViz can be configured to meet each customer's unique requirements.
Map — Geospatial Analysis in Sunnyvale, CA

Geospatial Analysis

BizViz Geospatial Analysis can be used to plot data containing geographic information onto a map. Geospatial Analysis is a very powerful and intuitive way to explore data and find insights. This is an excellent way to present data in easily understandable manner. This technique can be used to perform analysis in many industries such as defence, science, disaster risk management, and public safety.
  • Geospatial rules can be created by users to display data on to maps
  • Users can drill-down into a map to narrow their focus and view more detailed information.
  • Users can alter the view of the map by changing the map-type or zooming in/out.
  • Geospatial Analytics are directly accessible from the BizViz portal via a web browser
  • Maps can be accessed even on mobile devices
  • Maps can be created using Google Maps or Leaflet
  • Values and Map coordinates are obtained automatically from CSV files or query services
Technical Specifications: User must have an internet connection and browser installed
Required Browser:
  • Internet Explorer 9 and above
  • Firefox 6 and above
  • Chrome 15 and above
Big arrow with data — Real Time Survey Insights in Sunnyvale, CA


BizViz, a Chordify partner brings to you a powerful Survey platform to help you understand more from your survey data. It serves as an effective tool to collect, store and analyze survey data about customer service, product, employee feedback or any other aspect. Integration of Survey with BizViz Sentiment Analysis makes it a robust analytic tool to extract emotions out of collected textual data.
Use the BizViz Designer to create in depth Analytics and Visualizations. One can bring relevant business data from other tools, applications, websites into these Dashboards. These dashboards can be viewed from different devices. This makes BizViz survey a unique and comprehensive Survey platform, for digging deeper.
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Data Connectors

Gain in-depth business insight by combining multiple data sources.
Your data comes from multiple sources. BizViz connects directly too many live data sources in real-time. As soon as your data changes, it will be automatically updated in dashboard or reports. You can blend data sources from different vendors and data suppliers in the BizViz Platform to gain insight into your data. With BizViz data connectivity technologies, you can connect to many different data sources. We've listed many of the common data sources used by our customers below.


Business App

BizViz App Designer is a plugin application that can be used to create real-time business applications, forms, and surveys. In order to trap a business's metric data, users can enter business data as it occurs, right from their mobile devices or PCs.
This gives the power of real-time analytics to Power users, BI developers, and Decision makers.


  • Drag and drop functionality enables users to quickly and easily build and edit forms
  • Users can add multiple rows and columns in App Designer to facilitate more components
  • Custom validations for each component make forms interactive and specific
  • Help text beside each component provides additional useful information
  • Automatic Data upgradation using Lookups instead of manual entry
  • Users can use themes to customize and enhance the look and feel of Business Apps
  • Components can be re-organized while creating forms
  • Static images can be uploaded and included to further customize and enliven forms
  • Warning message (alert notifications) can be included to avoid submission of incomplete forms
  • Form data can be downloaded to MS Excel
  • MS Excel data from your system can be uploaded into the form
  • Multiple rows can be deleted from Business Apps
  • Videos can be embedded in the form to provide additional information
  • User access can be controlled for each form
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  • Internet Explorer 9 and above
  • Firefox 6 and above
  • Chrome 15 and above
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Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows