We help our clients embrace Data Driven Programs to achieve ongoing revenue growth and harness the power of data. We accomplish this journey through a combination of consulting, framework design, training and analytics capability development.

Our team has demonstrated experience in working with Fortune 1,000 global clients as well as small and medium businesses.

Data Experimentation


Experimentation is being adopted by various organizations to increase their rate of innovation and drive customer value thereby helping make better decisions and achieve sustained revenue growth. We help companies achieve this by improving and operationalizing their Experimentation and Analytics


Analytics Visualization


BizViz, a Chordify partner brings to you a customizable platform with in built support for a wide variety of Sentiment Analysis, Geospatial Analysis & Predictive Analytics and rich visualization. The BizViz platform extends your existing BI solutions by providing business users additional insights based on



Survey Insights


BizViz, a Chordify partner brings to you a powerful Survey platform to help you understand more from your survey data.  It serves as an effective tool to collect, store and analyze survey data about customer service, product, employee feedback or any other aspect. Integration of Survey with BizViz Sentiment




IT Staff Augmentation


Our team helps clients address one of the most vexing challenges in a growing business, namely finding the right talent at the right time and brings a combined 65 years of IT services and projects experience.  We have on-boarded - full time and contractors combined- upward of 3500 IT professionals over the past