A powerful and easy to use data analytics and visualization platform, providing

  •   Actionable insights

  •   Data acquisition from multiple data sources - structured and   unstructured

  •   Geospatial, predictive and sentiment analysis

  •   Excellent visualization tools

  •   Access from any device, anywhere


BizViz - Feature Highlights

BizViz is a powerful BI platform that gives you actionable insights into your business. Data can be assembled from multiple structured and unstructured data sources. BizViz will provide analytics (Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive) on PCs, and mobile devices, in the cloud and on premise.


Business Story

  • Easily connect to various data sources (Ex. RDBMS, OLAP, Big Data DBs, Flat-Files)
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop interface - Even novices can quickly and easily create beautiful, dynamic stories
  •  Empower you team to make faster, smarter decisions

  Single Platform

  • 1 platform for all your BI needs (Reporting, Analysis, Monitoring)
  • Provides a 360 Degree view of your business
  • Hosts variety of apps (Data Mgmt., User Mgmt., Geospatial Analysis, Predictive Analysis, Dashboard Designer, etc...)

Dashboard designer

  • Easily connect to various data sources (Ex. RDBMS, Big Data DBs, Web Services, Sales Force, Flat-Files)
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop interface - Even novices can easily create beautiful, dynamic dashboards
  • From User management up to reporting, all on the Cloud
  • Flexible export options for sharing charts and data (Ex. PowerPoint, JPEG/PNG Image, PDF, MS Excel)


  • Intuitive Drag and Drop interface
  • Question and Page Skip Logic can be applied to tailor a survey to each respondent
  • Integration with Sentiment Analyzer to extract emotion from collected textual data
  • Compare your organization with competitors using Benchmark Analysis
  • Effortlessly collaborate, share, and publish survey responses
  • Your data is secure on our cloud servers
  •  Respondents can take surveys from PCs or mobile devices

Connect to all your Data

  • Use your Structured, Semi-Structured, and Unstructured Data
  • Connect multiple data sets
  • Any RDBMS Data Source (ex. Oracle, SQL Server, etc...)
  • XML
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Analytics
  • Sales Force
  • Hive
  • Social Media                                                                                   

BizViz Online

Design, Develop, and Analyze data in the Cloud

  • BizViz Online is a SaaS version of BizViz Designer
  • No Installation!! -- Hosted in the cloud
  • Avoid hardware requirements and reduce set-up time
  • Get deeper insights of your mountain data from Anywhere/Anytime
  • As powerful and easy as on-premise BizViz Designer

BizViz Mobile

Anywhere, Anytime, All the Time

  • Work from you mobile device
  • BizViz Mobile app enables decision making on the move
  • On-the-fly reports
  • Explore data via Filters, drill-down, etc...
  • Always available ensured by 24/7 Support, backup servers


We take the security of your business data very seriously

  • Businesses need to think beyond 20th century security standards to save the data in this digital world.
  • BizViz follows robust and industry standard security protocols
  • Secure and Stable from cyber-attacks using SSL certification

Customer’s Testimonials -

“The CFO looked at it and was impressed. He would like to have a phone conversation with all of us to talk about more dashboards and get your thoughts on how things have worked up to this point and how to proceed from here.”- IT Head, US based Real Estate Company.

“I am very Pleased in the manner things went” – US based Entrepreneur, on our Platform.

“Your Hierarchical components are definitely a killing application” – IT Head of a French Travel Company

 “POC is complete. It has come out quite well and really appreciate your team on turning it around so quickly” – Principal Consultant, Large IT Services MNC.

“The reports have gone live. I would like place on record, my appreciation of the efforts of your team and their co-operation in making this happen. Every one of you worked tirelessly day and night to make this a state of the art” – Sr Manager, US based IT Consulting.