Corporations struggle with building data-centric applications only to end up amassing huge development costs because experts are scattered across the organization. Rapid growth in technology calls for consolidation—and we’re here to help.

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Big Data Analytics

Strategy: Our team of consultants, technologists and data scientists can create a Big Data strategy roadmap, to understand the exact data needs to deliver value to an organization. Our approach determines how your organization can best leverage data solutions, identify use cases, and recommend the appropriate tools


Data Visualization 

Data in today’s world has becomes more and more complex due to increase in volume, velocity, variety and veracity. To stay competitive it’s essential for enterprises to unearth patterns and trends, which otherwise would go undetected. Our Data Visualization Services (as well as our experts in Tableau QlikView



X-Author for Excel

Salesforce customers are continually challenged by poor user adoption and usage. Main problem: the Salesforce browser experience is predominantly single record, single task; whereas users are accustomed to the multi-row, multi-tasking experience Excel provides. Therefore Salesforce users continue